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Welcome to my Blog. The title "オニドリルさんマジイケメン" means "Fearow is really cool!".
This character Fearow is from Pokemon, in the same time, he is my lover.


How I feel about Internet

Compare to 10 or 20 years ago, Internet is easily touched to the children on nowadays. To do a research for your assignment or hobby, play some games to kill your boredom, to communicate with other…. there is a lot of use in this small network. But what would happen if there is some error (trouble) through the network world? Just leave it alone till it would be gone? That is impossible. Data’s would stay forever unless someone clears it up. I would like to introduce some good and bad aspects by going through my personal experience, and with some research.
              First of all, what is good about internet is that by using it, you would be able to know the information about the happenings through the world immediately! Not only knowing it but you would be also getting in touch with it. This is an allegory that is based on my experience on four days ago. You are typing your assignment on the midnight, and you have just finished it, hooray! But there was a problem…there is no ink to print out the assignment when the processor said that bring the paper by hard copy on three days later! Maybe you could just go buy the ink outside but there were no any places that sell’s ink around your place, and you were too busy to go out and find the ink through this three days. Here comes the online shopping. By buying the items in the online, not only buying it cheaply but you are able to get the items fast by the fast delivery. Online shopping sites as Amazon and Rakuten have this kind of system. Just find the item, and have it in fast delivery so the item would come in the next day that you have order. Internets are very convenient when there is a problem with item missing.
              Not only knowing the information likes online shopping, but you are able to share your information to the world wide as well. When you want to share your hobby to the world wide, you could type it into a blog, post into your home page, or share it by taking a movie. You tube is a good way to share your hobbies to everyone by video, but when you want to know the viewers reaction, I would press Nico Nico Douga to you. It is a Japanese site that when you type in the comment to the video, viewers are able to see the comment on real time.

              But what would happen if you step in the wrong way? Going back to the story, it was fine about that I have bought the ink safely. What would happen if I couldn’t find the items on the famous site and just bought it in the minor site that seems like no one else is using? There is a wicked action called phishing in this wide network. This is a swindle that is based on websites and e-mails. In this action, the person with wicked mind would pretend to be an famous website (website’s name that most of the people know, such as Google or so) and ask the user “Your account of ~~ would be expired in ~~” , “Our website service have transferred to another so please type in your personal information again to this page” and steal the persons credit card number or personal information such as the password for other service. To know more about phishing, here is the site to go: Phishing. So to have safeness on your money, you have to be very careful to buy or type in your personal information in some sites. When you thought “Is this site or advertisement dangerous..?” , before typing in your personal information, the best thing to do is about search about the website you are going to use and check it if it’s safe or not. Just don’t go through it with nothing.
              Spreading your hobbies is good but what would you do when you did a misdeed and bought the others anger? If you are posting your personal information too much in your website or movie, maybe the person who bought the anger would spread your information out to everyone else to give flames to your site. This is commonly happening in the Japanese online form called 2 channel. 2 channels is one of the biggest online forms in Japan and there is a lot of information or boards to share people’s hobby. Board about car, weather, occult, plant, food, love, amusement, game, drink, toy, doll, cloth, and so on… lots of information and hobbies are shared through this board. But in the same time, there are boards about bitterness, outburst of anger, which might affect you. When the people staying in those boards found your misdeed, they would search all your personal information up and take in action that would affect your daily life. There was one man address in Japanese. Sorry.that stole the other people i-phone while his job. He had wrote in twitter “I just stole an i-phone!!” bravely and bought other people’s anger. What happen to him was that most of the people on the board got his personal information and searched it deeply through it, which leaded to him to make his job fired. It didn't only affect him but also affected his friends in the twitter as well. The member in the board could not understand why his friends didn't stop him from stealing the i-phone (or why did they just leave alone him) so some of the members also got attacked as well. When you would post any indeed in twitter or any other websites, you should beware that your friends would be attacked too.

              Playing online game is a good way to kill your time. I guess people would play it because they want to have fun, not to play it because they want to experience something bad (bad human relationship, swindle, etc). I could say the same thing to the people who are using the internet for spreading the hobby or trying to have a communication through it. It is your own convenience to use internet or not, but when you use it I guess you always need to have responsibility on it. Just doing anything without knowledge might damage you but it also might be a good medicine for you in the same time. I, myself, love to net surf through the sites that relates to my hobby and I guess I would not stop this. I am doing it by having my own responsibility, and for my fun. I guess everyone could have a fun net work life through experiencing both good and bad side of the internet!

Photo/drawing from free material site:
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Illust Wan Pug

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