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Welcome to my Blog. The title "オニドリルさんマジイケメン" means "Fearow is really cool!".
This character Fearow is from Pokemon, in the same time, he is my lover.


4 Logo of his Story

Assignment from the 4 Icon Challenge. 
The model of this 4 logos are "Legend of Zelda"-Ocarina of Time

Triangle: Stands for the Triforce, the main item on the Legend of Zelda.
 The hero and the victem would fight for this Triforce.

Fairy: Model of "Nabi", the fairy that stays with "Link", the main character in this story.
 It also gives advices to Link how to fight, move, and go to the next step.

Sword and the Bird: The swords stands for the "Master Sword", witch is the sword
 that Link only could use, and bird stands for "Kaepora Gaebora"
 Kaepora Gaebora is a very important character for this story, that would tell the truth
 and leads Link to his future.

Horse: Model of "Epona", Links horse.

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